Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Is time really natures way of stopping everything happening at once?

Today theme was time, either too much or too little. It all started when my alarm didn't go off because I forget to check it. Normally this wouldn't be a problem as I'm usually awake at stupid o'clock, but not today. However, I wasn't late, just .....not early - too little time!

I'm in Scotland this week so after a quick bite to eat I dashed to get the 7:20 mini-bus into the office. I waited and waited 7:20 came and went so did 7:30 - too much time, I got a taxi.

Two people I had arranged to meet today never turned up - too much time, waiting around.

My third meeting over ran, I was late for my next - too little time, poor time management.

I waited for the 6:05 mini-bus until 6:20 - too much time, this one did turn up.

So after all the losses and gains I reckon I should have 25 minutes left over today. I wonder where that's stored?

Thinking about the mini-bus, I could have walked, after all everywhere is within walking distance...............if you've got the time!

Thank goodness for Taryntimers, I think I'm getting tired - time for bed.

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