Monday, 7 December 2009

Weekend Fun

We had an interesting weekend, mostly wet and windy outside but entertaining and good fun otherwise.

Our friends Pete, Iris and Brandon travelled up from Cornwall on Saturday. Pete came up for the GB Team training session for the IFCS World Agility Championships. Iris makes a wicked Apple & Blackberry crumble which knocked spots off the apple assortment thing I had earlier in the week, it was lovely - Thanks Iris.

We had three unexpected, but welcome, extra guests turn up just in time for cooked breakfast Sunday morning, I wonder how they managed to time it so well considering they were travelling from Cheltenham.

The training went well. I was very proud of the UpAndOver crew who worked all day setting up courses, moving equipment and providing ring party. Thanks everyone.

Fiona prepared us a very nice lunch and Greg prepared some very un-nice courses! - I was pleased I didn't have to run the Snooker course. However, they were right for the level of competition the team's training for.

Oh I did get time to do a bit of training and videoing of Devo. When I've downloaded it I'll post it on here or You Tube.

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