Thursday, 3 December 2009

Trains, Cars and Vans

I had more hassle at Doncaster station yesterday, my advice is don't EVER arrange to collect or drop off a hire car from there. After waiting 20 minutes for someone not to turn up to collect the keys, I missed a train. I abandoned the car in the short stay car park ...........grrrrrr

The car also had a puncture on Wednesday morning. Matt and I, suited and booted, changed the tyre in true F1 style..... 7 minutes dead!. It was a slick operation I can assure you. I wonder how long it would have taken us to swap out the gearbox, adjust the down force and tweak the turbo boost.......can you do that stuff to a Ford Focus?

To complete the vehicle theme, I hope, while getting the van ready to sell, we discovered the MOT had expired...... grrrrr more expense. If there's anyone from the Highways Agency reading please ignore this paragraph!

BTW - Just to clarify my last blog entry, before anyone reports me to the RSPCA for eating an apple flavoured mouse or writes to Steve Jobs enquiring about a new flavoured pointing device for Macs, I made a typo, it was in fact an Apple Mousse....phew panic over


Dani said...

Ha!! You do make us laugh. Thats an impressive wheel change too :-) x

Mark Laker said...

Pleased it amuses you. I laugh when I look back at it now... hehe