Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Suporting the Apple Liberation Front

I've been staying in Tickton Grange this week. It's a comfortable hotel close to where I'm working in Hornsea.

After work I went for a run, which is always interesting in new places. I find I see the environment in a different way when out for a run e.g. being chased by dogs, getting lost, dodging parked cars, wondering if I'm going to get back in one piece - it all adds to the excitement.

Dinner is a major event here. It started at 7:00 pm by giving my order, and went on to 8:45 when I received my desert. I went for the healthy option [ I didn't want to undo all the efforts of the run] Assiette of Apple! Basically apple presented in many different ways. Tonight it consisted of: Apple Panna Cotta, Ampleforth Cider Sorbet, Cinnamon & Bramble Ice cream, Apple Cake and Apple mouse all presented in bit sized morsels on a slate [not sure how that survives the dishwasher]. It was very nice but did make me smile.

What happened to good old Apple pie.

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Dani said...

Apple crumble.... mmmmmmm :-)