Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Abandoned cars in Basingstoke
My Blog is turning into a travel diary. My last post was me struggling back from snow bound York looking forward to a couple of weeks working locally getting back at a reasonable time in the evening and training my dogs. Yesterday I worked in Basingstoke, a local office for me. It started snow started just after lunch. 2,000 people and I decided to leave town "before it got too bad"- bad move.

I eventually got home 4 hours later [this journey usually takes 50 minutes]. I've never seen anything like it. Vehicles stuck on minor slopes, buses abandoned, trucks jack-knifed even an ambulance locked up and left on the road side.

Luckily I had an opportunity to 'head for the hills' and get out of town an unconventional way. It was a bit of a risk as the road took me out into the country. I have to say it was pretty scary at times. I realised I was miles from civilisation, on deserted country roads driving on virgin snow. Now I'm quite experienced in snow, mud and ice driving, years of driving off road in Land Rovers but it wasn't fun.

I'm thinking myself lucky [or crafty] many of my colleagues got stranded and some even had to sleep in the office - no change there then.

Devo and Torro have found they can push snow along with their noses and make little snow balls which they pick up and chase each other around the garden with, they love it.

Roll on Christmas....

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

Sounds like an adventure: hilly country roads and snow... good to know you came back in one piece. I am happy to be able to manage driving around in "pancake" Holland, no hills here.

Merry Christmas!

(hehe I should be able to get this posted though :)))