Friday, 20 November 2009

Wet, Wet, Wet.........

Remember my spate of losing things, well the hands free phone kit was retrieved by the car hire company and left at York station ready for me to collect this week. To cut a long story a wee bit shorter, I eventually got it back after creating a 'scene' at the car hire desk - most unlike me.

So Wednesday night not wanting to take my phone in the bathroom while having a soak, I used the hands free device and chatted away to my beloved wife hands free in the bath - cool.....Until the pesky thing fell in the deep end! I could only laugh, after all the disruption through losing it, tracking it down, then finding it, arguing with an awkward 'jobs worth' to give it back, it falls in the bath - to echo Victor Meldrew's words 'I don't b****y believe it'.

.........and there's more.........

I quickly dried it off, put it on a radiator; thinking it may work, possibly! Jumped back in the bath and finished the conversation with Karen on my phone. Next minute the phone went quiet [no I didn't drop that in too], and I could her talking from on top of the radiator .............the hands free was still alive and had locked on to my phone. Amazing.

How much fun you can have with a bit of technology and a hot bath.

Kids - Don't try this at home, electric and water don't like each other.

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