Sunday, 15 November 2009

Ruthless is Back on the Case

I've had a few days off work. It's been good, I've spent quality time training my dogs, mainly Devo and starting my winter fitness regime.

I realised at training on Thursday I was back to my old running habits again, flat footed, no spring in my pace and basically unfit. So after a chat with 'Ruthless Ruth' I, or was it her, decided there would be no more excuses I had to start getting fit now! And what a great time of year it is to go running. Windy, torrential rain, mud...... I keep telling myself it's worth it.

The biggest fitness motivator for me is Devo and Kodi. Devo is showing a lot potential, I love training him he's so focused and driven.

Kodi is on fire at the moment. He has recovered from the hectic season and is working very well.

Our future agility success is down to me and my fitness.


Dani said...

Totally agree which is why I started on patches on sunday and have been 4 days smoke free. Lily needs me fit!! :-)

Mark Laker said...

good for you - good luck with that

10radio said...

re your running,
if your flat footed your over pronating so need motion control trainers, also i found a visit to a podiatrist useful to get custom made insoles.