Monday, 23 November 2009

Even Wetter!

It's funny how lots of us dog owning people don't get too stressed out about wet and windy weather. We haven't had it as bad as those unlucky people in Cumbria but it was still pretty rough outside this weekend.

We had a long walk in the wind and rain Saturday followed by the usual post walk showering down and drying of dogs. The three young boys quite like the showering bit, they just try to grab the water spray throughout. Christie is too old to care [I don't think she realises she's been showered off]. And Flint is a big baby.

I held a Sports Coaching Seminar on Sunday morning focusing on Goal Setting and Training Plans for 2010. It was a good session. Everyone enjoyed themselves and we got a lot done in readiness for the winters training and next season.

Off to stand on a wet and windy railway platform this morning - not so much fun.

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