Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Answer is in the Patterns........

My escapades with hotels continues. Confusion of which hotel I'm booked into, long waits to be checked in, rubbish service and some very good service.

I woke up this morning to beautiful clear sky's overlooking Leeds. On the horizon I could see five Power Stations, one of which is where I've been working. Maybe not the same tranquil view as I get in Hampshire over looking fields and woods, but the steam from the cooling towers created interesting cloud patterns across the clear morning sky. A child of one of the guys who works there thinks his dad works in a cloud factory - sweet.

I received one of those interesting emails yesterday which make you think how on earth does that work. Within a few minutes of forwarding it to Karen, she came back with the answer and apparently it's all about patterns.

See if you can crack it. If you want the answer you'll have to email Karen, much cleverer than me.

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