Friday, 9 October 2009

Wednesday, one of those days

It's the time of year that I catch up with those jobs that have been stored up all summer. After a few weeks of careful planning, I thought, I finally got around to getting them sorted out.

On Wednesday everyone who I'd arranged to help me decided that was the only day they could come. They included:
  • Three guys, a digger and a grab lorry to alter the patio;
  • The handy man to clean all the plastic around the house;
  • The tree cutter to cut hedges;
  • The electrician to do some wiring work and,
  • Andre, the blind man, he's not actually blind he sells and installs blinds!
By Thursday evening most of the work was done, the fallout cleared up and all the tea bags, biscuits and sugar gone!

We still have a digger on the drive........ anyone fancy a fish pond?

1 comment:

Dani said...

Crumbs you have been busy!!
We are having trouble doing anything at the mo as Cove the puppy has arrived!! :-) xx
Love to Karen. Cant find her blog?