Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Toyz for the ............Girlz!

We had our monthly training session or should I say monthly embarrassment session, with Greg last Sunday, until rain stopped play. However, I always learn something and we have a good time when the four of us get together.

When Greg & Laura moved into their new place they inherited a garden tractor, so being the kind friends that we are, we took their old one off their hands.

We borrowed a trailer to pick it up and it was all working out well until it was pointed out that the trailer had a dodgy hitch which meant it could bounce off the van at any time - Great!! I'm sure it couldn't have been that bad, our friend had never had any problems. Needless to say we took a very careful drive back home on smooth, quiet roads keeping an eye on the trailer.

We got it home safely, still attached to the van, at 01:00 in the morning.

After work on Monday, I pumped the tyres up, started it up first time and off it went, well off Karen went, she's got a new toy, I don't think I'm going to get many goes on it.

I have to say it's going to save us hours of grass cutting, time we can spend training our dogs.


Dani said...

Ha! She looks so smug and happy! No chance for you Mark. xx

Mark Laker said...

I think we're going to have a nicely trimmed agility field next summer!