Thursday, 15 October 2009

A longgggggg Day

I've had to go to Perth today at short notice, up on the train last night and back again tonight.

It's been a full day too: The main reason for my trip was to take part in a Generation Strategic Planning meeting, but I also: reviewed a new team member; Developed IT Working Together plans, you don't often see IT and working together in the same sentence do you!; planning a series of workshops for the Procurement Team and working on innovation ideas.

Talking about innovation, one of my favourite bands / artists at the moment Above & Beyond have released their own iphone App, now that's innovative, I can see an UpAndOver App coming along.

The highlight of my day was collecting a new DVD I've commisioned for my Sports Coaching Seminars; I'm really thrilled with it. The plan is to use it as a metaphor in different places and bring a new dimension to the seminar.

The first seminar is booked for 28 November [there's a plug] and it's going to be great, new material, fresh ideas and a DVD. Don't worry I don't feature in it.

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