Tuesday, 27 October 2009

It's a Dogs Life

On my way across London this afternoon I saw a St Bernard walking down a long flight of stairs into Bakerloo tube station! He looked quite young, you know floppy skin, legs flying out in all directions, difficulty in controlling his head and leaving the tell-tell trail of drool down the stairs. But he was happily trotting along next to his owner.

Before boarding the train tonight I had to wait while the drug sniffer dogs checked the train out. I've seen these Spaniels work before on the trains, and planes, they're amazing. Once on board their little tails [or stubs] wag furiously away, noses to the carpet and off they go with their handlers running behind. I'd like to see them keep up with 'The Devo'.

It's a good idea they check the train before the journey, they wouldn't want to be sniffing around in a cabin after I've slept in it for a night!

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