Monday, 19 October 2009

Devo 'Seven Collars' Laker

It's funny how dogs are so different. Devo has always stuck his nose into boxes, bags and generally been very inquisitive. I've been trying to clear out the chalet down the garden, we call it a chalet but I guess it's a shed! Devo discovered a bag of leads, collars, tuggie toys and old worn out dog stuff.

He had a great game pulling bits out and running off around the garden with his findings. I thought it'd be fun to see how many of the old collars I could get on him. We made it to seven plus a couple of those gadgets to stop dogs pulling. You know the sort, they're the latest 'must have' dog aid, guaranteed to stop your dog pulling FOR EVER! B*****ks, they never work and always end up in the chalet......errr shed.

He was quite proud to be wearing so many collars at once, I only stopped putting them on him because I ran out of neck!

I wonder what the world record is......................

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