Sunday, 25 October 2009

Developing the Devo

I'm enjoying training Devo more and more and he continues to amaze me. Although we didn't do any equipment until he was well over a year old I believe the early groundwork is paying off now.

This weekend he completed his first set of weaves, albeit with the guides on. He had a week of 2x2 weaves, then a month without doing any. He then went on to the channel weaves. After a few runs he got that so we put them together in a straight line. This weekend we let him try a complete set, hey presto he did them and very quickly too. We'll put the weaves away for a month or so now and start on something else. I'm thinking of leaving the equipment for a while and go back to some basics; we still have more to do there.

Kodi will be seven tomorrow, I cannot believe he is that old. He'll be getting a late birthday present soon, a young bitch to enjoy!

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