Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Xmas Lights and M25 Delights

We had a very relaxing weekend at Letchworth show..... once we got there. I can't say the M25 is very relaxing, although, we were stopped for most of the 4hr journey so I could have kicked back and chilled out I suppose!

The show was quite unusual in that it started on Friday. We were finished early all three days. We had some long walks with the dogs, did a bit of training, caught up with some reading and not much else - Nice.

That's not all that was unusual about the show. The schedule had some very different classes including: ABC Medium! I reckon that excluded about 4 dogs in the UK! G1-7 Combined Power & Speed! I felt for the judge - I wonder if she's finished yet?

I'm not griping, I enjoyed the show, it was well run, a lovely venue and the organising team were very helpful.

This weeks going to be hard, I've got to work a full 5 days! Never mind the Xmas lights will be going up in Wilko's next week I expect ho ho ho.....

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