Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Maybe the last outside show for 2009.

My weekend at Honiton was really good. I had an enjoyable day judging, although I was pleased when I finished at 3pm, it was still a long day; thanks very much to everyone who helped me it makes so much difference having a efficient ring party.

Dani and Fern took Karen and I out for dinner to celebrate Dani's win in G3 Agility with Lily. Very well done an excellent result. The following day she won again! definitely deserving the move up to G4.

On Sunday I gained a few more EO points, I hope I've got enough now to get me to the 2010 qualifiers. That could be my last outside show for 2009. Kodi needs a rest.... so do I!

This week I'm on my monthly trip to Scotland. I had a business meeting this morning at The Dakota hotel in Edinburgh [owned by David Coultard apparently]. It's an unusual building from the outside it looks completely black with glass and cladding. Inside it's really retro with plain brick work, dim lighting, tall ceilings etc. If you're ever in Edinburgh and see a building by the Forth Road bridge that looks like a giant server, that's it.

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Dani said...

It was a pleasure! Good company, even if we did put you through the X Factor!! :-)