Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Hotel Delights

Now some of you may think staying in hotels on a regular basis like I do is all good fun and living the life of Riley. Well the novelty soon wears off I can assure you.

Last week in York, the fire alarm went off at 2am. My immediate thought, after I woke up, was 'is this for real or is it false'. When I heard people walking past the door and talking I decide to take a look outside. You can guess what's coming next, no sooner than I put some jeans and shoes on, got out the room and in to the corridor than the ringing stops!! grrrrrr.... but that's not it over, oh no.....

............Then I have all the excited people who got out quickly, most of them half naked I have to say! filing back past my door, talking, laughing 'ho ho ho what a funny trick, it was heheheh' for the next hour. It's a good job I don't need too much sleep.

Tonight I'm in Darrington in Yorkshire. My first room (No 12, in case you're planning to stay here any time!) has spooky noises coming from the walls! Yes really.... there was humming noises coming from behind the wardrobe, even the hotel staff couldn't work it out. So I've been moved to another room.

I'm in yet another hotel at Leeds on Thursday and Friday I wonder what delights I'll find there.......


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