Monday, 3 August 2009

Four is the new Six!...........

The European Open was a fantastic event, don't ever be fooled that 'it's just another agility show', it isn't. The atmosphere is great, the competition of a very high standard and the GB team [including supporters] brilliant.

Kodi loved every minute of it. He is a real show off and loves getting in the ring with a big audience. We had four out of five clear rounds; one of which was the final. It was a very memorable moment to stand on the starting line in front of 20+ countries, hundreds of spectators and of course the GB Team cheering us on. We finished fourth missing a podium place by one. I was really pleased with our performance better than I had imagined. I'm really determined to get a place next year.

The team spirit was great. Everyone watched when a GB dog was on the start line, we all supported each other and of course we had a great laugh in the evenings. Thanks to everyone who supported and helped us.

I made some new friends. Naomi from Holland who was thinking of a Devo type pup but who now has a gorgeous Tri boy who I met. Nico from Czech Republic who has a bitch from Little Thorn Continental [Kodi's dad] amazing.

The next big run for me was the finals of the UKA Nationals. I finished..........................4th!

After nearly three weeks on the road we're on our proper holiday now. We're staying with my friend Jean in Hereford for a few days. It's so peaceful here. Jean has fields to run the dogs in, lovely views over the Black Mountains and plenty of cider on tap. We need the rest after the last few months. Later this week we travel down to Cornwall to finish our holiday and do a UKA show while we're there.

Kodi has started his holiday in Cornwall before us hoping to mate a bitch down there; well he deserves a reward after his recent performance.

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