Monday, 20 July 2009

Counting down the days

July is turning out to be a hectic month, even more than usual. I've worked out that I'm going to be at home just one day over four weeks, through business trips, dog shows, our holiday and of course the trip to Holland for the European Open.

I'm really looking forward to our holiday. A week at UKA Nationals. Then a few days playing Croquet, relaxing and winding down with Jean [my adopted mum] in Hereford. Then we go to Cornwall for a few days for the UKA show there; I might even do a few agility runs.

Devo has started his training; although it's all foundation work at the moment. I've realised we need to be doing a lot more of this before we go near equipment. We'll knuckle down to work after the holiday.

Kodi and I have been squeezing in as much training on EO style courses as we can. I have to say I'm enjoying them. There's more handling than we're used to but they still retain the speed element. I've got some great ideas for my next judging appointment!


Dani said...

Congrats on being picked for the team. I only saw it yesterday on the KC site!!
Will see you next week and maybe share a beer as we too are holidaying at UKA Tewkesbury!
Both my 2 doing really well and Olli spaniel even beating Lily!!

Mark Laker said...

Great, it'll be good to catch up next week. Mind you, you may have to drag us us out of the caravan, after the last few months we're planning on chillin out for the week.


Dani said...

Oh thats ok. So are we as its our only time "off" and Rogers only week off work all year!
See you then :-)