Monday, 13 July 2009

And the luck number is ...............6

We're just back from a busy weekend, preceded by a busy week. Kodi and I had two Olympia semi finals at Stoneleigh last week. Our first attenpt was tough. Twenty very good dogs all capable of making the top five. Unfortunately we weren't one of them so it was back again on Thursday for another go.

This time we had an easy course which suited the big powerful dogs. I ran 10th, there had been at least 5 clear rounds in front of me so I knew I just had to go for it. We finished up 6th, just out of it, again, [I was 6th twice last year].

We had one of the biggest shows of the year at the weekend, Rugby. It's a great show, very well run, a nice venue and good classes. I did train quite a few classes but also put in a good performance in the Championship class finishing ................6th again!

Finally today [Monday 13 July] we went to try out for the FCI World Championships to be held in Austria later this year. Gwen Roberts set up some very challenging course which I really enjoyed and after three rounds I was lying 3rd; the top three qualify.

The last round was very tough. I was running three from the end. There had only been two clears out of 12 dogs. We didn't make it either falling foul of a very tight weave entry, where many others had already fallen foul.

Overall I finished ................6th I think!


Dani said...

Oh how frustrating! Well at least you had fun, and you do have 1 of the few Ag Champ in Kodi.
Well done for being consistent!

Mark Laker said...

heheh thats a good point, I like looking on the positive side of situations

:- )