Monday, 29 June 2009

Another Weekend, Another Competion

Devo is showing no after effects from being castrated last week. He's still bouncing around like crazy. He discovered he could play good games catching bones with his Buster collar; he's good at amusing himself.

Kodi and I produced a poor performance at the UKA Royal Canin final. There must have been some very nice smells at Newbury showground, I had a real job trying to keep Kodi's mind on the job and I wasn't sharp enough either; all in all pretty rubbish. Sunday at Lansdown was better. I went there with the aim of a top 5 place in the Crufts singles, I finished 4th. I should have enough points now to secured my place at Crufts next year.

It was good to see so many of our friends at Lansdown, although where it was so hot I didn't get to chat to as many of you as I had hoped to.

Next weekend we've got no shows booked - a weekend off, although there will be plenty of EO training on. We need it!

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