Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Bank Holiday weekend was.............eventful. Those agility competitors amongst you may have heard about the Crufts team event at Nottingham. It was an interesting situation and after two attempts the team Kodi and I run in finished 2nd; unfortunately only the winning team qualify. Team runs are quite unique both in the skills needed and the pressure they put on the team - its good to scare yourself once in a while!

Devo had a frustrating weekend. The exercise area at Nottingham wasn't ideal to let him off lead too often, so we had lots of relationship building exercises. He was a good lad though, I'm really pleased with his attitude towards working, socialising and being a good companion.

We have another big competition at Hinkley this weekend. Hopefully we won't have too many re-runs!

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Dani said...

Bad luck on the team event but good boy Devo. Sounds like he's coming on nicely.
Good luck at Hinckley, i think Lauren is going, but we are off to Wye Valley to try and get up to grade 3. Missed it by half a second last time!! Hope to catch up with you & Karen soon but you do all the qualifier shows!!