Monday, 6 April 2009

Everyone's doing the double!

We went to our first proper KC show last weekend at Scunthorpe. It's a bit of a drive but there are so many classes there it has to be done. 

It was worth the drive. After a not so good performance in the Champ class, Kodi and I redeemed ourselves and finished 6th in the Crufts qualifier.

Torro was a star winning two of his three classes [G4 Agility AND jumping] so that's him in G5. Flint got into the Champ final and finished 4th which at 10 is good going.

It was good to hear that some of the people we've recently trained in Devon had successes at the weekend too. Well done to Dani for also winning two classes on the same day, and Lisa who I know has been working very hard.

It's double rollover this weekend Easter show at Ardingly and lots of chocolate!

Have a good one.

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