Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Camera, Flash and Cream Tea. . . . .

Today's been a very strange day. My first appointment was with a photographer taking pictures for our companies annual report. People included were: Board members, Directors, the CEO, the Chairman and me! I don't know why I was asked.

The photos were taken in our new customer service centre at Havant which is just reaching the final stages of construction. So picture the scene, me in my shiny shoes, smart clothes, in the middle of a construction site posing in front of a back drop, lights, flashes etc. It could have been sooo embarrassing with the site workers peering over the balconies and giving me very strange looks, but bizarrely I actually enjoyed it and apparently a natural! I also had to pose holding an open hand in the air so it looked like I was holding an object. They are going to put the object there........goodness knows what that' s going to be.

It was then off to Basingstoke, do some proper work, drop the car off and catch a train to Reading for a meeting with a lecturer from Strathclyde Uni; a very interesting guy. Later I'm off to Euston to catch the sleeper to Scotland. I'll be dreaming off flash lights tonight.

Karen and I had a great weekend in sunny Devon. I really enjoyed training everyone, Fern was brilliant handling Flint, Lisa brought lovely Cornish cream, scones and jam and Karen got very dusty. A great bunch of people I look forward to seeing you over the summer.

By the way, watch out medium handlers, there's a couple of awesome Spaniel's in Devon. I hope those Devo fans amongst you got a cuddle he was a good lad and enjoyed going home too.

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Dani said...

Aw thanks Mark. Fern was totally thrilled with running Flint, and will gladly do it again at any opportunity!!!
I am awaiting news of any possible Kodi pups in the future too. :-)