Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Tough Times Ahead

I've been in Scotland this week catching up with work colleagues and doing appraisals; it's that time of year again. As usual it's a hectic week but part of the job.

It's interesting to see how the declining financial situation is biting in. The train was virtually empty travelling up. The Train Manager said the company were looking for 200 voluntary redundancies from middle management. The hotel's very quite too; although I still didn't get upgraded. I noticed they have reduced the number of options on bread rolls with dinner, and I'm sure there was less butter in the dish!

It got me wondering how this will effect dog agility. Do you reckon show managers will reduce the number of obstacles available to judges to save on equipment hire costs. With some shows having 12 rings or more, that's nearly a whole ring saved. Surely they can't save on portable loos - can they?

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