Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Back to Work :-(

Back to work this week, along with many other people and isn't it hard after a long break; I'm not sure if holidays are good for me, well, the holiday is but the going back to work isn't.

The break from the normal routine was good spoilt only by having three colds -  all at once!

Agility training re-started last night. It was -5 when we went out at 7pm and dropped down to about -8. Everyone managed to keep warm though which was something to do with the relay type training we're doing now. It was good fun and everyone went home exhausted; poor Matt & Lauren had to drive back to Exeter, but it was well worth the trip.

Devo has grown again. He seems to shoot up in a matter of hours!. On Monday we both commented 'he's grown today' - perhaps it's time to stop him sleeping in a grow-bag. He's doing well, we're working hard on recalls, sit, down and stand games and his lead work. He's a quick learner and a bit stubborn at times; shame for him that I am too.

Lisa [owner of Devo's dad] came up for 1-2-1 training at the weekend. We had a some good sessions despite the sub zero temperature and frozen ground. Of course the real reason she came up was for a cuddle with Devo.

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