Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Puppy Games and Trains . . . .

Matt and Lauren came over last Sunday for some training with their older dogs and play time with the pups [see Lauren's pictures]. The three of them had great fun chasing around the field, we even managed to get them back once or twice. . . except for Devo. He found running around far more fun than coming back to me; Lauren thought it was highly amusing. More recall work needed.

Devo certainly has the chase instinct, I'll use that to my advantage later in his training. Karen was reminded about this earlier in the week when he tried chasing a train! luckily he was on the lead and thought better of it.

This weekend we have our club Christmas party, a Ball Saturday night [a good excuse to dress up] , a couple of private lessons and of course more Christmas shopping - happy days.

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