Monday, 24 November 2008

Where do the weekends go

We travelled up to Lancashire for Newton Heath's winter show this weekend. It was really good, the venue was excellent. Indoor heated arena with cafe, seating and dry [ish] car parking. What more could you want? . . . good courses? yes it's got them, . . . .  good judges, yea apparently they come with the venue. 

Kodi and I had a 3rd in G7 Agility and 6th in G7 Jumping. Karen and Torro 4th in G4 Agility and Michelle and Mav 5th in G3 Jumping. 3,4,5 & 6, we were happy with that.

Devo met another sister, Bandit who lives with Dave and Sharon Alderson. They had a good bundle about in the riding school; he got covered in sand again although not so sticky this time.

Yesterday we had another of our training afternoons for club members and friends. It was good I think we all learn't a bit more. 

Then here we are it's Monday again.

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