Friday, 7 November 2008

Trains and Back Pains

Well another week has flown past. I've been in Scotland again, catching up with the other half of my team and loads of things to do - all good fun really. Except it's 500 miles away which I do on the sleeper train.

Karen is still putting a lot of time in to Devo, although he's been a bit of a mischief this week I gather. He is growing up fast but still really cute and not that bothered by fireworks  . . . .or anything in fact; it must have been that exposure to heavy artillery on Salisbury Plain at an early age!

We're off to North Downs tomorrow, although my back's been playing up this week so I'm not sure how fit I'm going to be. But Kodi is working well at the moment so I had better not let him down. When we've been training at home or at club he is really working well for me - we'll see how well our performance is tomorrow.

Have a good weekend everyone


Lisa said...

Good luck to you and Karen tomorrow.

We are at Datrmoor On Sunday, not sure about these cold winter shows, glad its the last one for me. Will test Kes's waits outside the ring and if she can cope might try them in the jumping (didn't enter the agility).

By the way, that's mummy Popi coming out in Devo, Poor Fen wouldn't dream of of being naughty :o)

Lisa x

Dani said...

OOhh Lisa!! Thats naughty! Only kidding, and good luck Mark & Karen. I am at Dartmoor with 1st show since training at yours a few weeks ago. Lily been working amazing at Laurens so fingers crossed.
D x

Mark Laker said...

Good luck both of you - work hard on your waiting.

Karen won G4-5 Jumping with Torro today. I had a 4th with Flint in G6-7 Agility, and Kodi had a couple of unlucky poles down. We were all done and on our way home by 4pm. Nice day.

Dani said...

Well done Karen & Mark. If you ever get chance to read my blog, Lily got her 1st clear yesterday and ended up 4th out of 160 dogs, with only a second between us and 1st!!! Thrilled!!! D x

Lisa said...

Ah well done to you all, esp Karen, what a star!

Mark you probably won't beleive me but Kes waited, and waited!! I stood there thinking she's going to come under the first jump but she didn't!! We just tipped a pole, my fault as always.

Thanks again for all your encouragement, you're a great motivator, I feel we have our mojo back again :o)

he he did you get the sand out of Devo?