Monday, 10 November 2008

Devo meets Sister Mist and gets waterproofed

North Downs was good, I liked the format of having classes for G4 - 7 dogs only. Don't get me wrong, I like watching G1-3 too but having fewer competitors there meant it wasn't so crowded and the day ran well; we were all done and on our way home by 3:30.

My back held up, but I wasn't running at my best. Kodi did a cracking G7 Agility run but clipped a bar on a corner. I'd forgotten how different competing indoors is and my timing was a bit out. 

That was pretty much the same issue  in the other two classes, timing. However, those of you who know me will know I always look for positives out of my rounds and there were plenty of places where I was happy with our performance and as always lots of training opportunities.

I ran Flint in the G7 agility, he finished 4th. He is amazing, rarely looking particularly fast but always soooo tight all the way around and therefore doesn't waste a second.

Torro won G4-5 Jumping with a stonking run. Karen handled it really well and definitely deserved to win; it must have been that handling lesson I gave her on Friday eve that did it!

Devo met his sister Mist [owned by Tracey and Alan Stiff]. While the rings were being cleared and everyone was hanging around for prize giving, they had great fun together rolling around in the riding school. It wasn't long before someone came over and said
"that sands a bugger to get off the dogs". 
Great - thanks!

Devo was covered in this sticky sand that apparently had a type of Vaseline sticky stuff in it that helped  bonded it together; and to dogs too! He's more waterproof than a Gortex coat now.

Here are a couple of pictures of Devo covered in sand and one of Mist [ who is a little cutey]


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