Monday, 20 October 2008

A Walk in the Rain

After recovering from our late night we had a slow start to the day catching up with emails and 'stuff'. Then waited until it was really raining hard to take the dogs out; or at least that's how it turned out and it wasn't intentional.

Kodi is teaching Devo how to hunt rabbits; Torro showing him how to keep an eye on the humans by not wandering too far away; Flint demonstrates how nice rabbit poo is to eat and Christie hasn't realised we've got another dog yet!

We decided our usual walk on Salisbury Plain was a good introduction of summer agility shows. Rain, wind, rough ground and bangs; well some shows have bird scarers going off all day which puts some handlers off .. . . or is it the dogs?

Today the army were out playing soldiers with what I can only describe as heavy machine gun fire. At first Devo put his ears back obviously wondering what it was, but as our other dogs aren't particularly worried he decided it was no big deal. So next time the agility World Championships are at Baghdad we should be fine.

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