Sunday, 19 October 2008

Come back Karen, all is forgiven!!

Phew looking after a puppy, four 'big' dogs, a house, a dog club and trying to do the day job is hard work! Karen has been away with her parents to sunny Lanzarote for four days.  I'm picking her up at 00:55 tonight; we're both taking Monday off to recover.

I've got some new pictures to share. This is one of Devo with one of his best toys . . . a plastic bottle. I wonder why we spend money on proper dog toys when all they want is stuff you can dig up in the garden, pinch from the bedroom or steal from the bin!

I also managed to power wash and paint the dog agility equipment this weekend; it looks really smart again. Not like me, covered in muddy water, red, white and black paint - nice. Take note those of you who are coming, clean dog feet please, LOL. . . . 

See you soon,


1 comment:

Dani said...

Cant promise clean dog feet but can always supply you with new equipment!!! Looking forward to sunday after a bad tunnel experience with Lily this weekend. :-(