Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Cold wet dark mornings are back

Blimey hasn't it got cold all of a sudden? -3 this morning when I let the dogs out and gave them breakfast; it was a bit chilly stood there in my boxers dishing out the CSJ at 6:30 - not a prettty sight.

We had our first Sunday afternoon training session this week, it went well, I would say that though wouldn't I, but it was tiring. I'm not used to four hours on my feet and moving equipment about for an afternoon. 

Devo is coming on well he's really settled in to our pack and the daily routine. He is a bit of a handful which is fun. Karen has been doing lots of basic training with him which he's really keen to learn.

I've had a couple of weeks without too much travelling which has been nice being at home and even managing to catch up with some forward planning.


Dani said...

Really enjoyed sunday afternoon so big thank you from Lily & me! Lovely place to train and especially pleased how Lily coped as she used to be such a nightmare. Hopefully will come to some more training afternoons when I can. Thanks again both of you!

Mark Laker said...

You're very welcome. I thought you and lily did really well and it was a pleasure to train you both. Hope to see you back soon

Lisa said...

Haha, Mark are -3 I wouldn't have thought there was much to see :o)!!

Devo is looking gorgous as ever, he is so like his daddy.

Oh must tell you that Kes's is getting the idea of waiting!! I'm only getting 1 or 2 fails in a whole session now.



Mark Laker said...

hehehe - all I can say is its a good job we don't have any immediate neighbours.

Good news on Kes's waiting. I'll look forward to seeing the progress.