Sunday, 14 September 2008

Socialising Weekend

Where does the time go at weekends; I'm sure the clocks run faster from Saturday to Sunday. 

With no agility shows booked we'd planned a weekend getting Devo settled in and his routine going. Well, he's definately settled and we're getting there with the rountine. It's very funny in the morning, 6:45 ish he wakes up, desperate for a 'busy', charges out in the garden does it, charges back in expecting his breakfast to be ready, runs as fast as this legs will take him in to his crate ready for food. He loves his crate games already.

The cuddle count countinues:
Mother and Father in-laws x 2
Niece & Boyfriend
Mother-in-laws neighbour x 4
Great grand mother 
Random person in car park

He gave me a scare on Saturday. I was picking up thinking he was playing with his toys on the patio, I turned around to see him just about to walk across the middle dog walk plank.  I thought OK, if I run over I might startle him and he could jump / fall off, I can't do nothing, so I briskly walked over, put my arm around him and offered him a treat with the other hand; I knew that would get his attention. He then proceeded to walk on over and run the down plank [with me next to him] and have a treat in a two-on, two-off style.

Relieved after getting him off safely, he then turned around ready to go again! only this time he was running flat out at it. Needless to say I stopped him and then dropped both planks down pretty quickly. I wouldn't mind but I haven't decided what contact method I'm going to train yet.

Thanks for all that early mountaineering you taught him Lauren, are you sure there's not mountain goat way back in his line.

Our other dogs are great with him. Devo has realised that Flint is the boss; so he's good fun to torrment. Kodi is a push-over. He never grumbles, growls or anything, even when Devo is swinging on his tail. Torro plays with him, which is great to see. And,I don't think Christie has even realised we have a new dog yet.


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Dani said...

Sounds like he's going to keep you on your toes!!!! Bless him. He is becoming more handsome by the day too!