Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Midweek Madness

One of the things I like about travelling on the train is I get time to catch up on reading, planning and most importantly - thinking time. Stick my IPOD on, sit back and take time out. So I'm already thinking about training plans for our dogs, our club members and other people who've asked to come training with us this winter if we have spaces; all good fun.

Devo increases his learning about being a dog in our pack. He understands that crate = food + fun, anything dangling must be pulled; including the blinds and T towels, anyone visiting us = cuddles, anything moving must be chased and anything less than 2' must be climbed on.

Today he met the window cleaner. Apparently Torro pinched his cloth while he was talking to Devo, Kodi and Flint were up the garden tugging on a huge raggy, Karen kept him topped up with coffee and I think we may have even got the odd window cleaned!

I spent some time with Karen Stanbrooke tonight helping her prepare with some sports psychology for the FCI Worlds. Meanwhile Karen Laker was out treating one of her friends to the cinema. Devo slept, thank goodness.

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Dani said...

Sounds like Devo has fitted right in! Nice to hear you live in a bit of a madhouse too. 5 active dogs keep us busy too!