Thursday, 11 September 2008

How did we communicate before mobiles?

Today has been one of those days when my mobile hasn't stop ringing, texting, vibrating or flashing at me. I'm not complaining, I think technology is great. But what did we do before these little plastic boxes let us receive messages about our puppies mischief 500 miles away, tell me its time to get up, attend a meeting, show colleagues pictures and videos of . . . . my dogs, talk to Karen about winter agility training plans, you can see there's a trend here; I make good use of my mobile.

Son No 1 Jack text [or is it texted?] me this evening asking if I can drop him and all this 'stuff' off at Swansea uni next week.  Of course I will, I'm his dad and . . . . what a great opportunity for Devo to meet more people! just think, 100's of young, probably unwashed, scruffy, scary people for him to meet and another ride in the car.

Cuddle count to date:
1 woman police officer [not sure if she was on official business when she visited the house!]
1 Scottish washing machine repair man - bet he was scary
1 shop keeper, his wife and baby son
Everyone at UpAndOver Agility Dogs - that 100's, all scary
The neighbours - always a good idea to win them over before the howling starts
The vet
The staff of Pets at Home /Smart/City/RUs or whatever its called this week
Son No2 -Mike and his mates, sorry friends, don't want him coming in contact with Mikes 'Mates'

I'm jumping on the sleeper train later tonight, all being well should be home by 10am tomorrow - yippee.

PS Karen reckons the picture is of Devo waiting for his dad to come home - sweet


Dani said...

What a great picture, and clever Karen! Sounds like Devo is being a star though, and you will be glad to get home!
Love the updates!

Mark Laker said...

Thanks Dani, yea pleased ot be home and a weekend at home too - makes a change.