Friday, 19 September 2008

First Puppy Class

Devo attended his first puppy class this week, and he was very good. When I say attended, that was about all we did heheheh, after all he is only 8 weeks old. However, we played crate games and we had a good tuggy game while other puppies were working and walking around; so keeping his attention is coming on nicely.

The trip to Swansea to drop Jack off went well, it was quite emotional helping him get his stuff into his new room. But I think he's going to enjoy himself, he's already talking about doing archery, horse riding, and mountain biking, you never know he might even get time to study War and Society!

Off to Scrambles tomorrow, Karen and I are in the sew-what-pairs final, then Honiton on Sunday.

The picture is Devo in the 'big dogs' bed after kicking them out.

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