Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Apparently he is WILD!

I'm away on business this week which is a pain but it pays the mortgage, important now Karen has given up work to look after Devo. 

Actually,  its going to be harder looking after him, our other dogs, private training and helping me with my many projects than it was working for Thompsons.

Devo has settled in well. He has a routine which involves: chewing a step and boots; getting frustrated by not being able to get to the rubbish and generally being WILD. He is very good when he gets tired. He happily goes in his crate and crashes out. 

Hey Susan G, the puppy cuddle count is about 50 different people now; 150 to go.

Our other dogs are great. Torro is trying to play with Devo, Kodi is dead jealous, Flint is tired of having his tail chewed and Christie hasn't even realised he's arrived yet.

Scotland is wet, fed up with being indoors working. . . . off to bed

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