Monday, 29 September 2008

Another Week, more fun . . . .

Since my last entry I have definitely seen some changes in Devo. He's grown longer legs and gained even more energy, if that's possible. Tonight he spent nearly an hour chasing an empty plastic bottle around the kitchen. He obviously thought it was alive as it moved on its own. It was great fun to watch and boy did he get angry with it.

It's really cute to see that he still likes his original toys he had when he first arrived home and they're not totally ruined. They are, in order of preference:

Kookaburra - fluffy Australian bird that has an annoying laugh when squeezed. I'm encouraging him to get tough with this toy, cause those Aussies can be tough to beat at Agility, so he better take advantage now!

Princess - Pretty princess in pink with a plastic crown. Well she was. The crown has been eaten and she now looks like a tramp after being dragged around the garden a few times.

Clock - Soft clock that squeaks. We call it Harjack [ clock stopper] get it!

Cush, cush - well Karen calls it that . . . . would I!??? Strange though how this soft cushion we put him on when we collected him is still in one piece and he loves it.

Other news - We've got an agility field at the bottom of the garden- cool. We've been friendly with the guy who owns the field ever since we've lived here [7 years] but he has never been keen to let us use it. Then last week, completely out of the blue, he said to us help yourself to how ever much you want. So we've marked out an area 35 x 35 yards, cut the grass and filled it with equipment, and training every spare minute; we're very happy with this. I'll post a picture of it when we get one.

Oh yes and Devo's got an extension on his crate. He discovered how to escape from the soft crate, wrecked the zip and decided he needed more room; at this rate we'll be moving out to the kennels next week!


Dani said...

Oh its just Lily gets picked on but she's fine thanks. The band? "It Bites". They had only 1 hit you may know, Calling all The Heroes" but amazing stuff and although the lead singer split a few years ago, the new guy is even better. Going again to Wolves this sunday!! Posted my cheque to you too. :-)

Mark Laker said...

Yea I know the band, they were good.

Lisa said...

Hi Mark

Devo sounds just like his dad!! Fen has a favorite teddy and has never damaged it, mind you the others have!! I have to sew it up for him. He also love his tennis balls, he likes to squeeze them in his mouth and then let them pop open again and again and again. Mind you he has competion now as Zip is copying him, he steals the ball and pops away. Fen is such a sweetie he never tells him off, he just stand in front of me with his "mum he stole my toy" look.

Can't wait for cuddles on the 11th and 12th. opps with Devo of course!!

See you soon

Lisa :o)