Wednesday, 16 January 2019

A significant milestone

A significant milestone for Agility Team GB will be announced today with the launch of the Agility Team GB International Tour. 

This new competition has been designed to give agility handlers in the UK an opportunity to compete on FCI style courses, judged under FCI rules at KC Premier shows. 

The primary reason for introducing the tour has been on the back of feedback I've received every year from team members following an international competition...

"We need more experience at running on FCI courses".

Six tours will be held at KC Premier shows across the UK in 2019. The competition will be open to G4 - 7 handlers and agility team GB squad members. Today's announcement includes an invitation to show secretaries to host one of the tours. 

Last October I asked Neil Ellis to head up this project. Since then Neil has done a fantastic job developing the idea and delivering the proposal. Neil is the Agility Team GB Tour coordinator.
I would like to thank everyone who has worked hard on this project with Neil over the last four months including: Martin Cavil, Becky Sargent, Gina, the KC working groups and the activities committee members who have all helped to get the project this far. 
More information will be released over the coming weeks including the 2019 Performance Weekend schedule which will include a tour class.
There are exciting times ahead.


Unknown said...

This is a really nice idea and I'm sure it's going to be well supported. Will you be looking for shows without conflicting KC qualifiers or Champ, as dogs will only be able to enter at one height for the whole show in line with the LHO rules still in place this year?

Mark Laker said...

Hi, thanks for your feedback. We're aiming to hold Tours at Premier shows around the UK. And yes, these could be shows offering LHO too.

Millie said...

Is there a specific age range as such that can only enter ? :)

Mark Laker said...

Hi Millie,

The only restriction is dogs need to be G4-7.

Millie said...

Ah ok thank you so much :)